The following are the instructions for completing the on-line game report in game-officials.

1. Log-in to using your username and password 

2. Select the After Games menu from the Official > Personal Info menu - this will display the games that have been completed. Locate the BSL game you wish to complete the details for and click on the game number (BSL games start with BSL)

3. A screen similar to the following will be displayed. 

a. Enter the Final score in the boxes provided. 

b. In the Home/Away team specific notes area enter the full name of each scorer. 

c. In the Home/Away team specific notes area enter the full name of each player receiving a Yellow or red card and the reason code. 

d. Use the summary notes admin box for notes on the cards and/or serious injuries or suspect concussions. 

These instructions are included in the [After game maintenance screen]

NB: IMPORTANT - if you make changes after saving/submitting the report - you must phone or email Gil Urban. As the system only notifies on the first save and not subsequent changes.  

Example of blank game report:

Game report blank































Example of a completed game report

Completed game report

Once you have completed the entries press the [Save] button located at the bottom of the form. 




 Hello BSL Referee:


To continue improving assignment of Blossomland Soccer Leage games (BSL), we are making some adjustments in how games are assigned to referees.


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