Starting in the 2017 season the BSL will have a new check in procedure. 

The BSL board has implemented this procedure to stop the issue that happened in the 2016 season with players using other player pass cards to check in.

Please complete this check in for all games, don't just start the season and then get lazy as it goes on. 

All teams will have supplied new photos for all players, so you will no longer have the issue of a graduation photo appearing on the pass card of a 35 year old player. 


1. The team manager will hand-out the player pass cards to each player before the check-in process. 

2. A BSL game report MUST be supplied with all the players names and numbers 

3. Start from the top of the list and read each players name. They will approach you and hand you their player pass card and another form of photo identification (acceptable cards are MI-State ID, Drivers License, High School Identity card). Check that both names match and the photos are the same.

Indicate on the BSL game report that the player has been checked in. Hand the players personal identity card batch to them, and keep the BSL player cards to return to the manager/representative on completion of the check-in. 

If there are any discrepancies, notify the BSL Rep (if present), or make a note and inform the other teams manager/representative. 

4. Once you have completed the check in process for a team hand all the BSL player pass cards back to the teams manager/representative. 


Rather than the center doing everything, it is probably best that you get an assistant to read out the names and then center and the other assistant confirm the ids match. 

For late arrivals, the player should approach at the assistant referee on their side of the field at a time that is appropriate, (i.e. during a substitution). Check the cards match and make a note of the players name, so they can be checked off the BSL game report. 




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