3rd most played sport in the US
13 million US Soccer players

A referee
stands between 
the game and chaos
- Tony Banks
British Sports Minister

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Effective from 9 am 5/15 face coverings are no longer required at outdoor events, this includes athletes, team officials, referees, spectators this covers all USSF, MHSAA competitions. 


Spring 2021 - Back to Play. 

As information is different between MHSAA/Middle school and USSF, we have collated links to resources to find the latest information on COVID-Back to play requirements. 

MHSAA / Middle school 

MHSAA Soccer Sport Specific Content page

MHSAA Coronavirus updates

(check the above sites for the latest information)

MHSAA PDF - overview of important return to play 

MHSAA PDF - officials face coverings (not required from 9 am 5/15)

MHSAA PDF - Soccer specific covid information

USSF Back to play 

Michigan Youth Soccer updates

Michigan Youth Soccer game day procedures (check the MYSA updates for latest information)





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