BSL Cup 2017
BSL Cup 2017Pro referee Anthony Vasoli leads out the teams for the BSL 2017 cup
BSL Cup 2017
BSL Cup 2017
Nick Raith in action during the BSL 2017 Cup final
BSL Cup 2017 - Referee Crew
SWMSRA crew @ MHSAA Final
BSL Cup 2017
MHSAA Boys Division 2 State Final







Effective from 9 am 5/15 face coverings are no longer required at outdoor events, this includes athletes, team officials, referees, spectators this covers all USSF, MHSAA competitions. 


Spring 2021 - Back to Play. 

As information is different between MHSAA/Middle school and USSF, we have collated links to resources to find the latest information on COVID-Back to play requirements. 

MHSAA / Middle school 

MHSAA Soccer Sport Specific Content page

MHSAA Coronavirus updates

(check the above sites for the latest information)

MHSAA PDF - overview of important return to play 

MHSAA PDF - officials face coverings (not required from 9 am 5/15)

MHSAA PDF - Soccer specific covid information

USSF Back to play 

Michigan Youth Soccer updates

Michigan Youth Soccer game day procedures (check the MYSA updates for latest information)





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