BSL On-Line Game Reporting

The following are the instructions for completing the online game report, in-Arbiter.

1. Log-in to using your username and password 

2. Select the game and press the Red (R).

3. The game details will be displayed. Enter the score and in the comments enter the names of the players that scored along with any cards issued.

Below is an example of how the goals and cards should be captured

Home Team
Goals: Travis Fleetwood (2'), Brido Aguirre (65'), James Cachey (82')
Cards: Salvador Flores, CT-UB (90') 
Away Team
Goals: Justin Brown (16', 90+1'), Tim Judkins (29'), Liam Connor (90+4')
Cards: Connor Roden, CT-UB (45'); Jason DelBosque, CT-DT (54') 

Enter any details on serious injuries and details of any red cards. This information should also be written on the back of the game report.

The game report should be scanned, photographed, and either emailed for send via text to Simon Blackwell.

Once all the details have been completed press submit/apply

Coaches Caution / Sendoff codes

Team Officials Caution Caution offenses
include but are not limited to:

CTO1- Clearly/persistently not respecting the confines of their team’s technical area.

CTO2- Delaying the restart of play by their team.

CTO3- Deliberately entering the technical area of the opposing team (nonconfrontational)

CTO4- Dissent by word or action including throwing/kicking drink bottles or other objects • gestures which show a clear lack of respect for the match officials o e.g. sarcastic clapping

CTO6 – Gesturing or acting in a provocative or inflammatory manner

CTO7- Persistent unacceptable behavior (including repeated offenses)

CTO8- Showing a lack of respect for the game

Team Officials Sending-off

Sending-off offenses include but are not limited to:

SOTO1- Delaying the restart of play by the opposing team e.g. • holding onto the ball • kicking the ball away • obstructing the movement of a player

SOTO2- Deliberately leaving the technical area to show dissent towards or remonstrate with a match official. • Act in a provocative or inflammatory manner

SOTO3- Enter the opposing technical area in an aggressive or confrontational manner

SOTO4- Deliberately throwing/kicking an object onto the field

SOTO5- Entering the field of play to Confront a match official (including at half-time and full-time) • Interfere with play, an opposing player, or a match official

SOTO6- Physical or aggressive behavior (including spitting or biting) toward an opposing player, substitute, team official, match official, spectator, or any other person (e.g. boy/girl, security or competition official, etc.)

SOTO7- Receiving a second caution in the same match

SOTO8- Using unauthorized electronic or communication equipment and/or behaving in an inappropriate manner as the result of using electronic or communication equipment

SOTO9- Violent Conduct

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