Soccer Referees' needed in SW Michigan.

All sports in the USA are struggling with officials; if you have landed here, you probably want to find out how to become a soccer referee. 

We have certified USSF mentors that can assist once you become a USSF referee. Visit the Michigan Referee Committee to become a referee web page to start this process. 

We also assign Michigan High School soccer and local Middle school games. We have MHSAA certified trainers who can assist you with the different requirements for High School. To start the process, visit the MHSAA's new official web page. 

Let us know if you are starting either of these processes (or both), and we will assist and then get you into the assigning system for games. 

Referee Interest Contact Form
Become a Referee

Referee online reporting websites

The following are the links for center referees to complete their on-line game reports. 

WMYSA Reporting
For a video tutorial visit WMYSA Referee Information
For a PDF tutorial visit WMYSA Referee-How-To.

Coaches must enter Player Pass card details (including D.O.B) on the game sheet before handing to you.

Michigan State Cup, Jr. Michigan State Cup, Directors Academy, Michigan Premier League

Changes July 2023

Winning coaches now turn in game sheet (home team if tie).


Please take picture of completed game report, if you had red cards, issues with field condition, coaches, spectators, please complete a USSF supplemental report!

Arbiter: Capture all yellow and red cards with the team name and full name of the player receiving the card.

The team name and the full name of all players that scored.

Use the back of the game sheet to record details of the red card and any serious injuries. If you use the back of the report, please include that in the photo sent to Simon Blackwell.

The BSL records all yellow/red cards, and sanctions are issued for three yellow cards in a season. In both divisions, the top goal scorers are awarded golden boots, so if you fail to supply this information, the players can get upset.

Take a photo of each game report and email or message Simon Blackwell. The online report and photo of game reports must be completed by 10 am of the day following the game.

If you send the photo of the game reports straight after the game, Simon will let you off completing the Arbiter entry.

Email or text: Simon Blackwell of all red cards

WMYSA - Pre Game Checklist
WMYSA Post Game Check List
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