Links to Become a USSF Referee

Michigan Referee Committee - Becoming a USSF Referee

Instructions and steps required to complete the process

USSF Learning Center Referee Profile

Sign up with the USSF Learning center

USSF Learning Center - Michigan Grassroots course

Sign up for the USSF online Grassroots course for Michigan

Over 18 Years Old - Safe Sport

Over 18 you must complete the Safe Sport training

Upload your Grassroots certificate (Safesport if over 18)

Upload your Grassroots certificate to the Michigan Referee Committee

Michigan Referee Official Program New Referee

Sign up for a field session to suit your location with Michigan Referee Mentor

Your local contacts

Simon Blackwell - SW Michigan DDRD and USSF Mentor

Luis Aguirre-Rivera - SW Michigan DDRD and USSF Mentor

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