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Update: August-30,2021 - Michigan Premier games require an online SportsForm to be included see:- Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) -

The following is an extraction from the rules as detailed in

Rule 4. Laws of the Game.

Section 1. Rules of Play. The rules of play shall be the "Laws of the Game", as published by F.I.F.A. (IFAB) All contests sanctioned by Premier Program shall abide by the "Laws of the Game", and the modifications as permitted by the Premier Program shall be published under separate cover.

Section 2. Bylaws. All teams, players, coaches, managers, team officials, clubs, and/or leagues will follow the Bylaws of this Premier Program, MSYSA and USSF.

Rule 5. Game Rules.

Section 1. Abandonment of Game. (1) Any game, which is abandoned because of inclement weather or darkness after 2/3 of the regulation time has been played, will be considered as a completed game. If 2/3 of the regulation time has not been completed, the game will be replayed in its entirety prior to the end of the scheduled season. (2) Any game abandoned for any other reason shall result in a review by the MSPSP Board of Directors as to the circumstances leading to the abandonment and a decision shall be rendered. (3) Any game not played by the end of the MSPSP season will incur a fine set by the MSPSP Board of Directors.


Section 3. Substitutions. Substitutions shall be unlimited. Substitutions are permitted by either team at any stoppage of play with the referee’s permission and receiving a signal from the referee to enter the field. Substitutes must enter the field of play at the half after the player(s) they are being substituted for leave the field of play.

Section 4. Reporting of Scores. The winning team is responsible for notifying the Premier Program Statistician of the outcome of the game per instructions issued prior to the beginning of each season immediately following the game, to notify him/her of the outcome. In the event of a tie score, the home team shall be responsible for reporting the score. If A Game Score Is Not Reported Properly Within Forty-Eight (48) Hours Of The Date And Time The Game Is Played, A Penalty Set By The MSPSP Board or Directors for Each Violation Shall Be Imposed Upon The Team In Violation.

Section 5. Delayed Game Start. Any team delaying the start of a scheduled game by more than fifteen (15) minutes without authorization from the Premier Program shall forfeit the game to their opponent and shall be responsible for full payment of the game officials' fees.

Section 7. Coaching from the Sidelines. Giving direction to one's own team on points of strategy and position is allowed pursuant to and in accordance with FIFA rules of the game. No mechanical or electrical devices are permitted and no coach manager, team official, or substitute is to be anywhere except on the sidelines within 25 yards of the halfway line of that team's bench side of the field during the game. Only those persons in possession of a passcard shall be allowed within the permissible coaching area. Likewise only persons with a pass card showing them to be a player, coach, Director of Coaching, assistant coach, manager, or team official shall be allowed to coach (give direction from the sidelines). Teams shall take opposite sidelines for their benches. Home teams have choice of preferred sidelines. Parents must take the same sideline as their respective team. 

Section 9. Team Display of Sportsmanship. The traditional line-up for good sportsmanship shall take place prior to the start of the game and be presided over by the referees and coaches. All players, substitutes, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, or other team officials shall participate. Infraction of this rule constitutes unsporting conduct and is subject to disciplinary action as such.

Rule 11. Game Reports.

Section 1. Team Responsibilities. Both teams shall be responsible for entering all appropriate information, on a legible report prior to the start of the game.

Section 2. Referee Responsibilities.

(1) The referee shall verify the identity of the players, coaches, managers, and team officials with their pass cards immediately upon arriving at the field.
(2) Prior to the start of the game the Referee shall make sure that each player's equipment is in proper order.

(3) Prior to the start of the game the referee shall make sure that all goal nets and corner flags are properly installed and in proper repair, that the field has the proper makings, and that the ground is fit for play.

(4) The referee shall not allow any player who does not possess a pass card to participate in the game (see Rule 8 for exceptions) nor shall he/she allow any individual without a pass card to accompany the team in their bench area.

(5) The referee shall ensure all coaches, assistant coaches and managers have a valid MSYSA Risk Management (background check) card.

(6) The referee shall keep a complete record of the game on the official Referee Game Report. Upon completion of the game the Referee shall check this report before signing his/her name.

(7) The Referee shall mail his/her report to the Statistician, and the referee shall include in this mailing any supplemental disciplinary report he/she may wish to make.

Section 3. Referee Qualifications.

(1) All referees will be registered on USSF referee registration forms through the State Referee Association. No person shall officiate as a referee or neutral lines person in any match under the sanction or jurisdiction (direct or indirect) of the USSF who is not registered with this Federation unless both coaches agree and sign the game report stating such agreement. All referee assignors must be USSF certified assignors.

(2) If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a registered referee is unable to officiate, club or team officials may agree upon some other person to act in the emergency. Such emergencies shall be explained in writing by team officials and/or referee assignors and submitted with the Referee Game Report.

(3) Referees may not officiate a game in which a team participant is a member of his/her family unless both coaches agree and sign the game report stating such agreement.

(4) In the event both coaches do not agree on an alternate referee (per Section 3 Paragraph 2) the game will be replayed at the home team’s home field and the referee fees will be paid equally by both teams.

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