State Cup – Spring 2018

The following are extracts taken from the MI State Cup Boys - Spring 2017 Rules document -

18. Spectators 

b. Spectators will occupy the side of the field opposite the side the teams are located.  

21. MSYSA State Cup Referee Fees

a. If a State Cup game is scheduled to be played at a site which charges admission or parking fees, the home team is responsible for reimbursing the referees in cash prior to the start of the game for any/all admission or parking fees.

b. Referees fees vary by age group, as detailed below:

AgeCenter RefereeAsst. RefereesTotal CostIndividual Team Cost
U13 & U14$50.00$35.00 each$120.00 per game$60.00 per game
U15 & U16$60.00$40.00 each$140.00 per game$70.00 per game
U17, u18, u19$70.00$45.00 each$160.00 per game$80.00 per game

22. Game Format

a. FIFA (IFAB) Laws of the Game will govern all games unless modified by US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, or the MSYSA State Cup Chair, State Cup Chair Designee, or State Cup Committee.

b. Modification(s) may be made with or without notice.

c. Length of the game is detailed below:

AgeGame LengthOvertime
U13-U1435 Minute Halves10 Minute Halves
U15-U1640 Minute Halves15 Minute Halves
U17-U1945 Minute Halves15 Minute Halves

d. Overtimes periods shall only be used in Round of 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final games.

e. In the event of a tie game after regulation time during a Round of 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, or Final game, there will be two overtime periods.

f. If after two (2) full overtime periods the game is still tied, “Kicks from the Mark” will be conducted and Laws of the Game will apply.

g. The MSYSA State Cup Chair or the State Cup Chair Designee may determine that a game is complete at any time after the commencement of the second half provided that no team is at fault for the stoppage

24. Substitutions

a. In the U13-U14 age groups, teams shall be permitted unlimited substitutions for all games, including overtimes.

b. In the U15-U19 age groups, a maximum of seven (7) substitutions for each team shall be allowed in each game during each half of play and during overtime play. After leaving the game during a half of play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game during that same half of play. After leaving the game during overtime play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game. However, if a player is removed from the game and no substitute enters the same for the player (the team plays short), the original player may re-enter the game. Entry shall be at a normal substitution point with approval of the referee or at any point during the game if the referee signals for the player’s re-entry.

c. Either team may make a substitution with the referee’s permission at any stoppage in play.

d. Once the teams go into an overtime period, all players, excluding players who may have received a red card, are eligible to play.  

25. Head Injuries

a. If a player suffers a significant blow to the head, is suspected of having suffered a concussion, or has an apparent head injury during the course of a game, the team must remove the player from the game for a medical evaluation by a Health Care Professional (as defined in the MSYSA Concussion Policy). A substitution for the evaluation of a suspected concussion/head injury will not count against a team’s total number of allowed substitutions.

b. If the player with the suspected head injury has received clearance from a Health Care Professional (as defined in the MSYSA Concussion policy) to return to the game, the player may re-enter at any stoppage of play. The evaluated player must replace the original substitute.

c. The player that was temporarily substituted into the game for the player with the suspected head injury will be considered an available substitute and is permitted to re-enter the game as a standard substitute per competition rules.

d. Any cautions assessed to the substituted player will carry with that player throughout the remainder of the game, any red card to the substitute would apply to the team and the team would be required to utilize a substitution (if available) for the player with the suspected head injury to replace a different player.

e. If the game ends before the player with the head injury is cleared to return, the temporary substitute must be marked on the game reports or 4th Official Log (when applicable) as a permanent substitute.

f. For all Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals game, and any preliminary game with a Healthcare Professional on-site (HCP as defined in the MSYSA Concussion policy) - If a coach seeks to allow a player to re-enter the game who has been removed from the game for further evaluation by a Health Care

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